Online learning has rapidly evolved in recent years especially since the pandemic has struck the world. Online learning is convenient, effective, cheaper and takes much less time as compared to the traditional learning methods. Whether you want to learn a new marketable skill or just want to learn something new online learning is the way to go. In this piece, we are going to discuss the top 7 e-learning platforms in 2021.


Most of the e-learning platforms provide college-like classes but that's not the case with skillshare. Skillshare is like an informal class that focuses more on skill-building rather than rote learning.

The platform hosts innumerable classes in several fields including film, photography, gardening, writing, visual arts, animation, interior design and much more. 

The majority of the courses are video lessons along with assignments for the learners to enhance their skills.

Skillshare is based on the subscription model rather than per course payment plans. All those who subscribe to skillshare can take advantage of hundreds of courses available on their platform. Currently, the subscription is at $32 per month or $168 a year which averages around $14 a month. 


EDX is another great e-learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard. Here real courses are provided by educators from the top universities of the world. There are plenty of fields that the platform covers including humanities, languages, arts, computers, mathematics and much more.

The platform has also partnered with the Arizona state university and offers the "global freshman academy". This platform is more on the formal side. There are a series of video lectures along with discussions, assignments, reading material and quizzes. While most of the courses are available for free, to get the verified certificate you will have to pay which varies from course to course. 

Master Class

The masterclass is the most unique online learning platform. The courses on this platform are taught by celebrities and experts. The platform has acting classes by Natalie Portman, singing classes by Christina Aguilera, writing classes from dan brown, cooking classes from Gordon Ramsay and much more. 

The masterclass is also on a subscription basis which costs around $15 a month. Every course on average have approximately 20 lessons and each lesson lasts for around 10 minutes. Apart from regular video classes, there are workbooks, assignments as well as community activities. 


Udemy is also a very popular e-learning platform known for its top-notch courses. The platform has more than 150,000 courses. With me, you can enhance your skills and knowledge in various fields from hand weaving to marketing and mathematics. 

Unlike various other online platforms, udemy doesn't have any subscription plan; rather you will have to pay for the individual courses. But the good thing is that there are several promo codes that you can use to get discounts. 


Coursera offers several college courses hosted by real college professors. The platform has partnered with almost 200 companies and universities to give the learners a real college experience virtually. In several cases, one can also get degrees and certificates through Coursera. 

With Coursera, you can also get professional perks such as promotions, raises and much more. Coursera is known for offering interesting and challenging courses on several topics so that you can explore your interests.


The platform is focused on programming, web development, data science and cloud computing. Whether you want to enhance your skills or develop a new one. Udacity is a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge. 

Every program on the platform has real-life applications. With udacity, one gets career coaches, individual code reviews and real instructors. 


Pluralsight offers courses in topics such as software development, cybersecurity, data science and much more. Learners are free to opt for individual courses however the platform urges everyone to take "paths". It has a series of related courses in some specific areas like programming languages, creative skills, security certifications and so on. 

Pluralsight also charges a monthly subscription which is around $29 per month.


We have featured many distinct platforms which allow interactivity, self-paced learning and tailored learning. All the platforms mentioned in this list are perfect for anyone who is knowledge-hungry and has a passion to learn new things.