In today's world of so many different ways to advertise, it can be hard to keep count of which ones work. Newer forms include things like video sharing apps, streaming services, and, of course, social media.

Between all of these different methods of advertising, many people have come to forget about one major way to get the word out to the public about their business: outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is not a form of advertising that we should write off. In fact, it has proven to be very effective at getting the immediate attention of your audience. It also inspires a target audience to take action.

Houston is one of the best places to use outdoor advertising for a number of reasons. Let's see why so many businesses are taking their advertising techniques outside.

Houstonians Spend a Lot of Time in Cars

If you live in Houston, you're very aware of the fact that there is no shortage of traffic. Between all of the major highways that go through Houston and, of course, the extensive rush hours, the average Houstonian is spending multiple hours each day stuck in traffic.

When people are stuck in traffic, they become a captive audience. They may listen to podcasts or music, but their eyes are always focused on and around the road.

This is where Houston billboards prove to be an incredibly effective way to market your business. With so many people sitting in their cars for hours at a time, they are given ample time to read and process any information on a billboard.

You can also rest assured that you will get as many eyes on your advertisement as possible since the roads of Houston are so highly trafficked.

Plenty of Options for Advertising at Events

Houston is also known to be a great place for performers to put on concerts and for sporting events to happen. With any big event comes a big audience and many people whose attention you can grab.

Places like NRG Stadium, Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, and others, offer many advertising options for you and your business to capitalize on. Advertising with a billboard, either electronic or traditional, is a great way to make sure that your advertising has a good reach.

This way, you can attract both native Houstonians and people who may just be visiting to see an event. This form of advertising is also a great way to reach people who are just passing through town since these large event venues are often located near major highways.

Many People Spending Time Waiting for Public Transit

Aside from the people who spend dozens of hours each week driving or riding in a car on Houston roadways, there are a great number of commuters who opt for public transportation instead of driving. This provides a great opportunity for businesses to advertise on what is known as street furniture.

Street furniture includes things like bikes and bus benches. It's a popular form of advertising because it has a long dwell time which means that the audience you're reaching will be staying there for a while. This gives them the time to take immediate action, like going to your company's website and making a purchase.

College Students Spending Time on Campus

Houston is home to a number of nationally renowned universities. The University of Houston, Rice University, and Texas Southern University all call Houston home. So it only makes sense that, with all of these young adults around, outdoor advertising would be successful.

Along with college students themselves, many alumni and family members of these students make their way down to Houston to visit campus and see games. Advertising on and around these campuses attracts the attention of many different kinds of people, extending the reach of businesses to an even wider target audience than originally intended.

Tourist Attractions Galore

Lastly, Houston is home to many places that are considered tourist attractions. Places like the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Kemah Boardwalk, and, of course, the famous Space Center Houston are all places that draw thousands of tourists each year.

When people are on vacation, they are more likely to spend money. This means advertising at and around these popular tourist attractions could mean serious profit for businesses that venture to advertise outdoors.

Try Outdoor Advertising in Houston Today

To see the positive effects of outdoor advertising in Houston, you have to try it out for yourself. If you own a business, start an outdoor advertising campaign today and see your business grow.