Positive Impact of Sub Zero Treatment on kitchen knife
(Photo : Positive Impact of Sub Zero Treatment on kitchen knife)

The term Sub Zero Treatment is nothing but a heat treatment process. It's mainly used to increase the wear resistance of steel and to remove the retained austenite. Now, From the above sentences, you may find some unusual TERMS which are not familiar with daily kitchen life. You are thinking about, what is wear resistance! What is retained austenite! And how they are related to kitchen knives?

Don't worry, we will nullify all of your confusions through this article.

Imported Chinese steel knives are superb in terms of durability, structural resilience and sturdiness. The sharpness of the blades of the knives is enhanced and users cut hard fruits and vegetables nicely with these Chinese instruments. Researchers have put their emphasis on the sub-zero treatment to these knives which solidifies the micro carbides to form the hard crystalline like beds to bear heat and cold. The sub-zero formula has been tested by eminent researchers and elegant scientists to discover the multiple positive effects to enhance the rapidity in the process of nucleation of the steel structures slowly but steadily. 

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Now, let us dig into the science.

Wear Resistance 

Wear Resistance is the characteristic of a metal which offer resistance to metal loss (damage) caused by any mechanical action. When you are using a kitchen knife, it has to undergo some mechanical loads varies from minimum to maximum. So, by increasing the wear resistance of a knife, the ability to withstand the load can be increased. 

Faster Martensite Retention at SZT 

When the steel is sub zero treated at the following temperatures ranging from -90 and -196 °C for couple of hours, the ramification of the symptoms of full-scale transformation of the austenite into the complete martensite entities has taken place. According to researchers, the hardness of the material/steel and the weather/wear resistance capability have increased to make the steel knife stronger with the least dent or fracture in the martensite surface. 

The further data analysis and x-ray diffraction scanning reports broaden up the possibility of boosting up the toughness and strength of flexural texture through the sub-zero treatment. Even the small size carbides in the steel start accelerating and growing to ensure the smooth elimination of the austenite to gear up the life span of the steel material. The wear proof and weather resistance capability of the steel are higher during the post sub-zero heat treatment 

Practically, the SZT process is copied for usage by the top steel manufacturers in China for reinforcing the certain type of steel knives. In a few areas, the solid, sharp and durable highly alloyed steel knives are required. Therefore, it is essential to opt for the special SZT method to fill up the deep dents, fractures and fine lines lying embedded in the inner layers of the piece of the steel. The case studies have unearthed important facts regarding the condition of the metal just after the proper SZT. 

Normally, the austenite elimination is not done through the usual heat transfer to liquefy the hard to touch component. It requires the proper SZT for the sake of faster austenite conversion into the quenched martensite composite. This methodology is appreciated by experts. At first, the austenite density is not completely minimized after SZT. It slowly decelerates to go down within a span of 17 hours. The martensite retained to smoothen up the process of expansion of carbides to take the steel to the level of expected hardness. 

Higher Martensite Sustainability 

Logically, the retention of the toughness and wear resistance of the steel after SZT is sustained comparing to that of the common heat treatment. Different samples of both SZT and non-SZT or CHT methods have given two sets of results for evaluation of the hardness of the steel component getting back maximum martensite stabiltiy. After the proper solidification, the SZT treated metal sheet is unaffected even at300 degree Centigrade. It does not break and start thawing at this specific normal temperature. However, the conventional heated steel framework is seen melting at 300 degree centigrade. However, over-tempering can cause the restoration of austenite loosening the strength of the metal at 400 to 500 degree centigrade temperature. The SZT steel is therefore not energy-efficient when you heat it up at more than 400 degree centigrade temperature. 

Higher Efficiency and Productivity

The common heat transfer to temper the steel is not much worth the effect to sustain the infrastructural firmness. Sub zero treatment is cryogens based. It is a type of liquid nitrogen to treat the steel or alloy metal in various temperatures. In comparison to the mechanical quenching process, the sub zero temperature in between -130oF to -238oF is conducive to the achievement of the qualitative metal sturdiness and weather resistance. 

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More Supportive Experiments 

The extensive meticulous studies have also revealed many secrets about the impact of crygen or direct cooling process putting the steel at the freezing at -321oF temperature. It is a notion of the improvement of efficiency of the durable steel plateau. The condition of the metal needs to be observed at the laboratory. The proper sub zero heating method is a must to harden up the steel structure. The tiny invisible micro-structures are quickly quenched and the bigger ones take some time to reach the level of nucleation. It must be cost-efficient and affordable for you to maintain the SZT steel knives imported from China. 

Comparative Research 

The comparison studies and lab tests have helped experts to assess the importance of the SZT. Generally, traditional metal freezing mechanism is applied utilizing compressors and special filtered refrigerant materials depleting ozone to quench or temper the metal. The SZT is far better without compromising the quality and hardness of steel. The metal at SZT point takes little time for cooling down to achieve the desirable uniformity and reinforcement. The cryogenic freezing system lets the temperature run down from -100 to -110 degree F within max 10 seconds. On the contrary, traditional compressor machine is not able to freeze and temper the metal so quickly. As a result, it is expensive for you to maintain the steel knife if you are inclined to choose the compressor freezer to do the job of cooling the steel metal. 

Finally, depending on the tectonic of extrapolated facts, previous experiments and X-ray light diffraction analytical notes accelerate the chance of the betterment of SZT steel over other CHT metals or alloyed components. The findings have built up three major points to support the efficacy of the cryogen SZT methodology- the proper SZT inhibits the rise in the rate of the revival of the austenite. It induces the longer stays of the martensite. 

Usually, for a small under-development country, it is an impossible task to manufacture, test and upgrade kitchen knives using the cryogen technology. Over there, the big size knife manufacturers have the superb factories with the advanced technologies to do the steel tempering at the freezing temperature for awesome device maintainability. For more accurate researches, visit the official site to know about hi-tech ergonomic lightweight durable Chinese kitchen knives quenched at sub-zero temperature for reinforcing the devices. 

Lastly, the number of carbides soars up to determine the faster quenching of the steel metal for obtaining result-oriented longer hardness of the micro-structure of the steel. For this reason, Chinese steel knives at SZT temperature are qualified for marketing. All these rock hard steel made tools have no scratch and prominent fragile signs due to the proper sub zero treatment. In this connection, buyers can go through the reference research thesis, terms papers and informative content on sub-zero treatment to have basic conceptions.