Carnivorous dinosaur tooth from the Colville River bluffs. North Slope, Alaska.jpg

Cretaceous Maternity Ward of Perinatal Dinosaurs Discovered in Alaska

Various experts from different institutions have uncovered the tiny bones of Cretaceous dinosaurs in the Arctic region. The findings suggest that dinosaurs had a maternity ward in the northern hemisphere and that the ancient creatures themselves may have not been cold-blooded.
It's Getting Hot in Here

Two New Studies on Climate Change Warns of Dreary Future

The first study focuses on the Amazon rainforest. Considered as the lungs of the planet, Amazon faces the threat of drying out. The second study brings us to Alaska as one of the world's thickest glaciers is recorded to be retreating.
alaska ice

Alaskan Sea Ice Has Melted Away

Alaska continues to experience an exceptional summer time and this time, it might not bring about good news to the rest of the world.
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