Science Times - Why Americans are buying more guns than ever

Here's Why Americans Are Buying More Guns Than Ever

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and protests for racial justice, the gun industry’s trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, estimates that gun sales from March through July were 8.5 million. This is 94% higher the same period in 2019.
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Photos Collected Revealed EPA Significance in America

Over the years, EPA had limited the use of three pollutants, unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Also, air pollution was reduced due to regulations on emissions and fuel economy since 2012.
Vehicles cruise under light snowfall on Nov. 26, 2014 in Newark, NJ.

Wintry Weather Brings Delays for Travelers Heading Home for Turkey Day

If you were expecting your relatives to arrive this morning on the Red-Eye, you may have been disappointed to hear that just like your relatives, you’ll likely be stuck at the airport most of this Turkey Day. As it happens, winter has set in this Thanksgiving, and while it’s a bit early for snow and storms of this magnitude, America has seen hundreds of delays today when airports are at their peaks.

Ten Unknown Secrets About the Star of Thanksgiving Dinner—Turkeys

It’s the start of November, and that means the holiday season is fast approaching. Shorter days, sweet desserts and family dinners are on their way, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of time left for some learning. So today we’re taking a familiar face and learning ten new facts about the giblets and meat that we’ve come to know as our Thanksgiving turkey dinner.
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