Science Times - San Diego Zoo Global Successfully Clones Endangered Przewalski’s Horse

Wild Horse Cloned to Help Conserve the Endangered Species

San Deigo Zoo Global announced the successful cloning of the Przewalski's horse, a critically endangered species. Conservation efforts of endangered species and the revival of extinct species may be possible through biotechnology and other reproductive technologies.
Coffee in space?

SpaceX 2020 Mission: Send Coffee to ISS

Experiments like this create a path to understanding how plants will adapt to extreme environments like the zero-gravity setting of the International Space Station and enable agribusinesses like Front Range Biosciences to breed crops that can withstand harsh environments and can adapt to climate change.

Universities Are Arguing Over Genome Editing Technology, But What Does The Law Have to Say About It?

Three major universities are now engaged in a patent lawsuit to protect their rights to use genome editing technology called CRISPR-Cas9. The fallout will have far more impact than the simple settling of ownership and intellectual property rights, however; experts believe that CRISPR-Cas9 may be the most efficient route toward a ticking off items on a laundry list of amazing biotechnological discoveries.
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