More than Meets the Eye—T Rex Relative Was Herbivore Instead

In the world of dinosaurs, not everything was as it seems. The most advantageous appendages may have just been for show-and-tell, to ward off unassuming predators, and some of the most evolutionarily superb tricks may never be revealed in the fossils we find today. And with the endless wonder of discovering an entirely unique world, unlike our own, paleontologists, like children, keep learning in the hopes of one day adding their own discovery into the dialogue. The only difference is that one of these differences was recently discovered in a new species of dinosaur related to the Tyrannosaurus rex, but this discovery really was made by a child—seven-year-old Diego Suárez.

Climate Change Degrading Ancient Mummies

About 7 thousands years ago and predating the Egyptians by several thousands of years lived a tribe of people off the coast of Chile and southern Peru lived a tribe of people known today as "the Chinchorro". Like the ancient Egyptians, the Chinchorro used to mummify its dead, creating the oldest known mummies on Earth. But today, these mummies are now threatened by climate change.
Image Rendering of Protoplanetary Disk

ALMA Imaging Reveals Emerging Planets in Nearby Taurus Constellation

Well it appears that the cosmic gestational period is over, and astronomers are catching a glimpse at what happens next. This week researchers at the Chilean Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observatory have revealed that in the constellation Taurus, that new life is forming—or at least new planets.
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