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Simple Tips in Surviving a Blizzard When Stuck Outside

Wearing the right clothes can help in surviving being stuck outside during a blizzard -- even when not inside a car. According to Dornford, there were reports of people suffering from frostbites because they are not wearing the right clothes.
Here's another treat for Christmas eve: An asteroid is expected to flyby Earth

Asteroid To Pass By Earth On Christmas Eve

It is going to be a double treat for space enthusiasts this holiday season as two significant events will happen on the eve and the night of Christmas this year.
Stalled, cooled lava in Pohoa

Lava Flow Stalls 700 Yards away from Shopping Center

Officials at the Hawaii County Civil Defense expected to see the lava reach the Pahoa Shopping Center on or around Christmas. Fortunately, the flow seems to have come up short. According to the Associated Press, civil defense administrator Darryl Oliveira said on Tuesday that the lava appears to have stalled and hardened just 700 yards away from the island's biggest shopping center.

A Holiday Filled With Chirps & Cheer—The Christmas Bird Count

When it comes time to the Christmas season, people innately begin counting the birds: four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and whole lot of other species. But if you’re an ornithologist, then the holiday season also marks an important time for bird-watching. Waking up before sunrise and catching a glimpse of the black-necked stilts or the white-tailed kites may be a part of your daily agenda, but when Dec. 14 rolls around you’re ready for day long adventures to camp out and count the local bird species in the skies.
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