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Chicks & Number Lines

Think That Chicks Are Just Plain Cute? Well It Turns Out That They Have a Knack for Numbers Too

While it may take children a couple of years to learn the true values of arithmetic, a new study conducted by ethologist Dr Rosa Rugani, from the University of Padova, reveals that newborn chicks can not only recognize number patterns but also place them in ascending order from left to right. In fact, while the cognitive ability to count may seem like an acquired trait taught to us in school, Rugani’s recent experiments prove that even those with bird brains can display a knack for “number mapping”.

Diabetes Could Effect Brain Growth in Children

While many are familiar with the not-so-sweet implications of diabetes, a new study reveals that children suffering with Type-1 diabetes may in fact have slower brain growth and development than children without the glucose-to-insulin imbalance.
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