The Center Of The Omega Nebula, A Hotbed Of Newly Born Stars Wrapped In Colorful Blankets Of Glowing Gas And Cradled In An Enormous Cold, Dark Hydrogen Cloud

Hubble Telescope Captured The Shining Stars Of Sagittarius

The Hubble Telescope has been providing space enthusiasts glimpses of the beauty from the outside for years. And guess what? It was able to capture a very rare photo of the constellation Sagittarius which featured the beauty of its glittering stars.
Image Rendering of Protoplanetary Disk

ALMA Imaging Reveals Emerging Planets in Nearby Taurus Constellation

Well it appears that the cosmic gestational period is over, and astronomers are catching a glimpse at what happens next. This week researchers at the Chilean Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observatory have revealed that in the constellation Taurus, that new life is forming—or at least new planets.
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