Science Times - 9,000-Year History of Corn Unveiled

9,000-Year History of Corn Unveiled

New research that unveils details of the 9,000-year history of corn is a leading example of how a basic study on ancient DNA can produce insights into the history of humans.
Corn in a Row

How Crops Will Change the Atmosphere of the Future—CO2 On the Rise

There’s a lot more to consider when looking at climate change in future models than meets the eye. Yes carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels plays a part, but so can the simple changes in the agricultural practices that feed a growing world. And a new study published this week in the journal Nature reveals that levels of carbon dioxide will likely be on the rise, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, as summer heat and the tail-end of the growing season will spark major crop plants to release CO2 in parts of the growing season.
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