Science Times - Climate's effect on agriculture

New Guidelines Can Help Farmers Deal With Climate Change

A collaborative report identifies indicators that can help farmers in the agriculture sector under five major categories, such as temperature patterns and the welfare of livestock. Teaching farmers and land managers the effects of climate change can help with major decision-making.
Heat Will Drive Lower Crop Yields, Not Drought, Study Says

Heat Will Drive Lower Crop Yields, Not Drought

Researchers forecasted the enormous losses for maize and spring wheat, but more resilient crops such as sorghum, which is half as sensitive to high temperature as maize, will experience less damage

Neonicotinoid-Laced Nectar Proves to Be Addictive Additive for Bees

For bees jonesing for their next fix, fate could be a little messy with their newest addictions. In a new study published this week in the journal Nature, researchers conducted experiments to find out just how new pesticides are affecting bee foraging behavior. And what they found is that humans aren’t the only ones addicted to small bits of nicotine—bees crave it too.
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