HIV Infection Electron Micrograph

Cuba eradicates mother-to-child HIV

The World Health Organization (WHO) certified Cuba as the first country to have successfully eradicated mother-to-child HIV and syphilis.

Cuban Lung Cancer Vaccine Coming Ashore in the US

Just months after the White House announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba, an exciting research partnership is in the works, which just might prolong the lives of those suffering from lung cancer.
HIV Infection Electron Micrograph

New HIV Strain in Cuba Has Researchers Rushing to Stop Fast Progression of AIDS

In a new study published in the journal EBioMedicine, researchers with Belgium’s University of Leuvan report the discovery of a new strain of HIV which may prove to be far more lethal to patients in the West. Originally found in patients in Cuba, the new strain poses particular threats to those infected with HIV as it can develop into AIDS within three years of infection. Though efforts have significantly lowered the infection rates of HIV, as well as prolonged lives with the help of antiretroviral drugs, researchers fear that the fast-moving virus may advance too quickly to treat.
Cuban President Raul Castro

In Wake of Changing Diplomatic Relations, Cuba Reasserts Communistic Regime

Though the embargo has not yet been lifted, this past week indicated a change in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba after nearly 53 years of political divide. Wednesday, Dec. 17, marked a unique turnaround between the island nation and the US in terms of political and economic relations when US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro delivered addresses simultaneously aired, sparking hope and conversation about their future together. But this morning, Dec. 20, after President Castro’s speech for the twice-annual legislative session held at the National Assembly in Havana, Cuba, many are questioning whether or not plans may fall through with the prevailing communism underlying the nation of Cuba.
President Barack Obama

While US Moves Forward, Cuba Stands Still—Diplomatic Relations in Stand Still

It’s been a discussion decades in the making, but one whose final answer is not yet given. On two different sides of a war years ago, the United States decided once that Cuba should face an embargo thought to keep ties between the two nations as severed as could be. But with new leaders and a new collective vision for the future, not only of politics but of the two nations together, the embargo stopping free flow of products and people between the two nations may soon come to an end.
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