Lucid Air Dream Edition - Elite Electric Sedan Available by 2021

Sneak Peek at Lucid Motors New Electric Car

Lucid Motors, a new electric company, will be releasing the Lucid Air series by next year. It has a range of advanced internal features including Ethernet-based communication and safety monitoring.
Secrets of the conch shell and its toughness

Conch Shells: Toughness Helps Design Better Protective Gear

The conch shell's unique three level configuration provides it the strength which makes it resilient to heavy external impacts. 3-D printing has enabled researchers to exactly replicate its structure and have added features to optimize the design of the protective gear.
Instagram launches a new feature for New York Fashion Week

The Algorithm of Instagram Fashion

Researchers claimed to predict the next new faces in the world of modelling through the use of a computational method and data from Instagram.
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