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Disney Master Redubbing in Tinsel Town With New ‘Visemes’ Approach

When it comes to films and and the entertainment industry, few other companies in Tinsel Town can quite compare to Disney. But there’s a reason for the company’s great success—it doesn’t usually rely on actors, which can prove to be an added hitch in the process of film-making. But for the off-chance that they need to rely on working with live-action filming, or even the adaptation of one of its many international divisions’ hit films or television shows, Disney has devised a way around the problems of a flubbed line or a poorly dubbed film or two.

Printing in Fabric—Disney’s Research Division Takes 3D Printing to Another Level

Combining the appeal of custom-made products and the concept of integrative technology, allowing consumers to interact with what they’re wearing or what their using, Disney’s Research Program is invested in finding a new method of melding the two in a soft, yet viable form—and they’re using a 3D printer to get the job done.
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