Comfortably Numb—How College Freshmen are Making The Doctor’s Office and Easier Visit

3D printing has done it again, and this time it may even get me to willingly go to the doctors. In a new study created by a team of undergraduate students at Rice University, the researchers reveal a rather ingenious way for making a trip to the phlebotomist “comfortably numb”, making the shots we abhor from doctors visits a painless procedure to say the least.
Tick Infected With Bourbon Virus

Tick-Bourne ‘Bourbon Virus’ Wreaks Havoc on Kansas

While these little arachnids are not much to look at, ticks are the carriers of a myriad of diseases, which makes them of great importance to researchers. History has shown that they can cause sepsis, this past summer researchers discovered that the Lone Star tick can create a severe allergy to red meats, and now health officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that a new tick-borne virus can even cause multiple organ failure.
Dr. Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organization’s assistant director general, said the number of Ebola cases worldwide will rise above 9,000 this week.

WHO Predicts Ebola Outbreak Could Worsen by 1000% as Soon as December

While health officials are attempting to isolate the spread of the disease, fear and ignorance of the disease have allowed for major setbacks to propagate across the West African nations, leading to further casualties of the disease. Now, after months of assessing the situation in the field, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported Tuesday, Oct. 14, that the rate of infection may increase by ten-fold, to 10,000 new cases per week as early as this December.
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