Yellowstone Mud Volcano

Scientists Find ‘Magma Intrusion’ at the Yellowstone Volcano

Scientists used the GPS data to present what may have taken place below the surface to further explain the reason an area near the Norris Geyser Basin has both been deflating and inflating by several inches by unpredictable bursts for the past 20 years.
Raikoke Volcano Erupts

ISS Astronauts Witnessed Raikoke's Recent Explosion

Japan's Raikoke volcano in the Kuril Islands last erupted in 1924 and has been silent since then, until a few days ago when nearly a century's silence was broken by a massive eruption with such high velocity.

Evacuation Orders and the Eruption of Japan's Mount Shindake Volcano

Friday morning 140 residents of the small Japanese island of Kuchinoerabujima fled by boat as Mount Shindake erupted. 30,000 feet worth of dark volcanic ash shot into the sky about 600 miles south of Tokyo. Astonishingly, no deaths and a single minor injury have been reported, and air travel has not been affected in a serious way.
Pahoa Lava Spill

What’s the Worst Case Scenario? Hawaii’s Kilauea Lava Flow

As Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano threatens nearby towns with the destructive force of its lava flow, residents and analysts evaluate the potential casualties and worst case possibilities of this dangerous scenario. And with the lava flow reported to only be 70 yards away from the nearest home on Monday Oct. 27, researchers fear that the worst case scenario may have already begun.
Japanese Volcanos Threaten Nuclear Reactors, Expert Warns

Japan's Volcanos Threaten Nuclear Reactors, Expert Warns

One volcano expert is warning that Japan's massive 2011 earthquake--which damaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant and caused a nuclear crisis--could cause large volcanic eruptions in the coming years, yet he could not say when people could expect the eruptions to happen.
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