Cave Lions and Modern-Day Lions Are Separate Species

Debate Over Lion Species Finally Answered

The genetic analysis of modern-day lions, extinct cave lions, and well-preserved, cave lion cubs reveal the relationship of their species. Scientists finally answer the debate of whether or not they come from the same ancient species.

Reptile Preceding Dinosaurs Discovered

Paleontologists have discovered a new species of reptile after putting together the remains of a new crocodile-like species that lived long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
Sthenurine Kangaroo Reconstruction

How Ancient Kangaroos Walked Off the Face of the Earth and Hopped into Future Generations

An island nation, entirely secluded from the spread of traditional species found worldwide, Australia is home to a unique form of mammals known for their maternal instincts, classified as “marsupials”. The term may encompass many species, however, when the notable pouches of marsupials are often thought of, the species most easily recognized is the jumping species of kangaroos. But new research published this week in the journal PLOS ONE reveals that kangaroo species may not have always had that famous skip in their step.
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