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Your Hair Can Help Measure Your Fertility Hormone Levels–Study

A new study reveals that the measurement of a fertility hormone called the Anti-Mullerian hormone can be taken from a sample of human hair. This approach would provide a non-invasive and a more affordable test compared to the traditional serum blood test.
Shaving or Waxing? Here's Why Waxing Could Be the Best For You

Study Says Shaving Does More Harm Than Good: Is it Time to Shift to Waxing?

Shaving has more side effects rather than benefits, according to a study. Sometimes when using a razor, it can irritate the skin, produce ingrown hairs, razor burns, nicks and cuts, discoloration, and chicken skin. Good thing there is another option available in getting rid of unwanted body hair.
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The Best Hydrating Conditioner Options on Amazon for the Money

Bad hair day or just want to look better than ever? These hair conditioners from Amazon are a must-have, especially during summer when the weather won't just cooperate. Boost your confidence and get ready to wow them all with these hair conditioners.
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