Top Foods To Eat After Running

People engage in running for several reasons. Whether it is for weight loss or to simply clear their head, it is best to eat these top foods after running.
Cardiovascular disease

3 Steps To Lower Risk For Cardiovascular Disease

Taking care of one's cardiovascular health today will lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the future. This is the focus of a study that has been published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

Crohn’s Disease May Be Cured By Plant-based Diet

People suffering from Crohn's disease is under an incredible amount of pain, but a new plant-based diet is opening up doors for a full remission. This is according to a recently published study involving a man who is in his late 20s and has been suffering from Crohn's disease for years before making the big switch to a plant-based diet. When he gave up eating processed food and only ate plant-based meals, he went into remission and is on his way to complete healing.
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