Mother on Life Support

Irish High Court Rules In What They Believe is Best Interest for Dead Mother and Unborn Fetus

After nearly a month of debates and testimonies arguing the legal rights of an unborn fetus, a three-judge panel of the Irish High Court ruled on Friday Dec. 26 that in the case of a pregnant mother being declared clinically dead, that doctors may choose to turn off life support, and in-effect terminate the pregnancy, if the fetus has little chance of survival.
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The Man Behind the Theorem—CERN Artwork Pays Homage to John Stuart Bell

Coming off the toes of Nov. 10 World Science Day for Peace and Development, established by UNESCO in 2001, CERN announced this week that an exhibition held in Belfast, Ireland may reveal another view of famed physicist John Stewart Bell’s extraordinary career. The exhibition entitled Action at a Distance: The Life and Legacy of John Stuart Bell celebrates the 50th anniversary of Bell’s famous theorem that revolutionized the field of quantum theory, and reveals much more than the numbers and variables in the head of the man.
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