Tide of the Decade Sweeps Across France’s Atlantic Coast, Turning Islets into Islands

How strong are the sun and the moon’s pull on the tides? A lot stronger than you may have ever believed. In what happened to be a perfect trifecta of cosmic events, this Friday’s alignment allowed for a supermoon, a total solar eclipse, and perhaps one of the greatest ocean surges our generation has seen since the turn of the 21st century. In fact, in what happened to be a tourist’s dream, the picturesque Mont Saint Michel Abbey on the coast of France was turned into a island for a brief while as the “tide of the century” submerged the path that leads to its fortified walls.

Catalina Fox Populations—From the Brink of Extinction to Potentially Off the List

Though the Catalina fox species may be the smallest species of fox in the world, it appears that size may not have anything to do with their survival. And while the animal may have been endangered decades ago, locals and visitors to the island of Santa Catalina are realized that their abundant numbers may be a sign of drastic change.
Volcano Creates Island

New Island Created By Volcano in Tonga

The Earth continues to change its landscape right before our eyes. A volcanic eruption in Tonga has created a new island, but one scientist says it could soon vanish just as quickly as it formed.
Coconut Crab

An Urban Legend or Possible Truth? Amelia Earhart May Have Been Eaten Alive

Since her disappearance on July 2, 1937, many have questioned the final hours of pilot Amelia Earhart’s life. Was she lost at sea when her plane disappeared over the South Pacific? Or did she go down with her plane? While many feared the worst, urban legends abounded creating alternate endings for Earhart’s expedition around the world—and it appears that one of those endings may be more frightening that the plane crash itself.
Amelia Earhart and Her Lockheed Electra Aircraft

Forget Bigfoot—Could Sonar Anomaly be Amelia Earhart’s Lost Plane?

It’s been an urban legend almost 80 years in the making, that famous female aviator Amelia Earhart was marooned on an island in the South Pacific. And new evidence, including a fragment of her aircraft found and a sonar anomaly 600-feet underwater, may just hold the clues to unlock this decades old mystery.
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