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On TED Talks, Female Style of Speaking More Popular

According to a new study, talking like a woman at online TED Talks leads to more views, highlighting the female language style as an "underappreciated but highly effective tool for social influence."
Miami Schools Teach Adults English As A Second Language

New Study Suggests That Language Started Forming 30 to 40 Million Years Ago

Language is illustrated as the passing of thoughts and ideas through intelligible sounds. Although its evolutionary origins were previously unknown, a new study suggests it started at least 30 to 40 million years ago - during the time of the common ancestor of men, monkeys, and apes.

New Research Isolates Speech Center in the Human Brain

In our quest to understand the complex inner workings of the human brain, researchers at New York University have brought us one step closer. They have pinpointed a region of the brain exclusively devoted to processing speech, which not only provides a better understanding of the cerebral landscape, but settles a long-standing dispute concerning the brain's perception of sound.
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