How Earth's Shifting Magnetic Field Can Impact Your Health

Earth's Rapidly Shifting Magnetic Field Could Impact Your Health

Scientists are now claiming that Earth's magnetic field could potentially reverse itself in a shorter time frame than ever before thought possible. It has long been thought that our magnetic field flips every 450,000 years, however, a recent study has been published, which concludes that the most recent flip only took 100 years.
Earth's Magnetic Field

A Magnetic Topsy Turvy Earth—When North Becomes South

The directionally challenged may find a new curveball thrown their way, as researchers reveal that in our lifetime we may see flip in what we know to be North and South. For those who know their way around navigating the wild, seeking directions in the stars, or even reading the face of a compass, you may have to reconsider the norm or repaint the stars to fit a changing magnetic field that may soon have Antarctica pointing North.
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