Mars Sample-Return Container

Container Pod for Mars 2020 Sample Return Unveiled

ESA officials stated that NASA will launch the sample-return lander mission which will land near the Mars 2020 site Later, the sample-fetch rover, a small ESA rover will then head out to retrieve the samples.
Siding Spring Meteor Passes By

Siding Springs Comet Came in Close For a Martian Meteor Shower

Earlier last month, on Oct. 19, researchers from the world’s top space agencies were able to catch a glimpse at one of the rarest sights in space. Coming from the outer Oort Cloud, at the very edge of our solar system, young comet Siding Spring passed by Mars rather closely on its first orbit around the sun; giving Mars orbiters a show and quite a scare. But as it turns out new data collected from NASA’s satellites on the night of the event show that the best view may have in fact been from the red planet itself.
Mars One Rendering

Forget Ebola, Journey to Mars May Be More Lethal Death Sentence

Since 2012, when Dutch nonprofit Mars One led by Bas Lansdorp announced plans for a permanent colony to be established on Mars, many have been questioning whether or not the company will be able to make good on its promise. But researchers at MIT say that even if they can, the first Martian pilgrims may not last a year around the Sun.
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