Powerful Hurricane Irma Slams Into Florida

New Research Allows Early Detection of Megastorms

A new scientific study could help detect megastorms—very large and complex storm systems that remain unpredictable—and help communities around the world better protect themselves.
Strongest Storm In Six Years Slams Southern California

California Will Experience Dry Weather In Mid-March

Rains and a mild storm hit California last weekend where periods of rain were observed in the Central and Northern parts of California. This included the cities of San Francisco, Sacramento, and Redding. However, meteorologists predict that this weather won't last that long as by mid-March, California will be dry.
Fallstreak Hole Over Melbourne

Explaining How Rare ‘Fallstreak Hole’ Appeared Down Under

People may not be too observant to what’s happening around them, or what strange things are happening above them in the cloudy skies, but when a “hole punch” cloud filled with rainbows appears just overhead it can definitely be a viral phenomenon.
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