Opportunity Rover

Opportunity Rover Celebrates 11 Years on Mars

NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover is celebrating a new milestone of eleven years on the Red Planet. But in spite of its fortitude, the rover which is only about the size of a riding lawn mower, was originally only designed to explore the Martian surface for about 90 days, along with her twin rover, Spirit.
CRS-5 Launch

SpaceX’s Tuesday Mission May Change Space Exploration, And Our Taxes Forever

Knowing the waste associated with space exploration, the millions of dollars invested in early flight stages merely shelled off into space, private-sector rocket company SpaceX has decided to rework how the space exploration game is played. Developing reusable pieces, that if brought back with a spacecraft could be used on yet another mission, the company not only intends to change their role in the rocket industry, but the way our tax dollars are spent as well.
Rosetta Deploys Philae

ESA Ready to Give Rosetta’s Philae the Green Light

It’s been a mission ten years in the making, and after a final green light from mission control tonight, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta Mission will deploy its handy little lander named “Philae” onto the surface of the far off Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko it met up with earlier this summer.
When the ice melted around the base at Cape Evans last summer, George Murray Levick's book was revealed.

In Snow and Ice—Researchers Reveal Century Old Journal in Antarctica

The Antarctic ice is host to very little life, yet often researchers find that beneath the frozen surface we find remnants and a record of our past. Core ice samples not only reveal atmospheric concentrations of particular molecules in ancient skies, giving us a view of how the Earth’s climate has changed over eons even before the arrival of man, but also sometimes reveals a view of our own history on the icy sheet. This week, after more than a century since it was written and lost in a tragic expedition, the preserved journal of explorer George Murray Levick was found by researchers who recovered the photographic treasure from a casing made entirely of ice.
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