Mount Sharp


NASA's Curiosity Rover Adjusts Route Up A Mountain

NASA's Curiosity Rover has been on the move heading towards some interesting rocks for further study. However, its chosen path proved to be too difficult for it to traverse due to the slippery slopes of the Martian mountain. However, scientists in charge of the mission were able to find a new path to the rocks that proved much safer and easier for the rover.
Ice Cream Sandwich Rock Formations on Mars

Curiosity Rover Curious About Ice Cream Sandwich Rock Formations

NASA's Curiosity rover has analyzed numerous rock samples from three different locations in the lower regions of Mount Sharp that reveal unique mineral compositions. Along with the discovery of the different minerals, there were also prominent veins that show the mountains layers, revealing different stages of weathering. These two toned minerals were found in ridges along a site called "Garden City" where bedrock has eroded and exposed these veins.
Mars Rover Curiosity Dig Feb. 24

Curiosity Mars Rover Seeks Answers in the Rocks of Pahrump Hills

Finding some interesting chemistry in the rocks of Mars, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover decided to investigate on Telegraph Peak earlier this week, boring into the Martian surface in search of answers. Though the rock powder poses new questions to the chemical composition of the planet, the car-sized Curiosity rover is far from reaching its final destination.
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