27 Stone Tombs Discovered in One of Egypt's Prominent Necropoli

2,500-Year-Old Sarcophagi Discovered in Saqqara, Egypt

Saqqara, Egypt, is one of the largest cemetaries, or necropolis, with mummies from various dynasties. The recent discovery of 27 stone tombs called sarcophagi is the largest discovery in a single site to date.

Tombs Filled with Mummies Discovered in Peru

Scientists have discovered tombs filled with up to 40 mummies, each around a 1,200 year old ceremonial site in Peru's Cotahuasi Valley. Thus far, archaeologists have excavated seven tombs containing at least 171 mummies in an area now called Tenahaha.

Climate Change Degrading Ancient Mummies

About 7 thousands years ago and predating the Egyptians by several thousands of years lived a tribe of people off the coast of Chile and southern Peru lived a tribe of people known today as "the Chinchorro". Like the ancient Egyptians, the Chinchorro used to mummify its dead, creating the oldest known mummies on Earth. But today, these mummies are now threatened by climate change.
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