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Man's Next Endeavor In Space—Keeping Mankind Alive on Mars

Man's Next Endeavor In Space-Keeping Mankind Alive on Mars

As more news about Mars enters our scientific community each day, the importance of making survival on Mars a priority is thrown into sharp relief. No longer remote, science-fiction the goal of transforming Mars for ourselves with technology is at the core of our next endeavor in space.
Curiosity on the Move

Curiosity Observing While On the Move

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is on the move this month, but it continues to make observations as it traverses the Red Planet's terrain. On April 16, the mission passed 10 kilometers (6.214 miles) of total driving including 310 meters (one-fifth of a mile) so far this month.
Coffin on Mars

Coffin Discovery on Mars? Why Mars Rovers' Diminishing Memory May Be A Problem for NASA

It seems Mars enthusiasts have had some extra time over the holidays to painstakingly exam every image taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. And what they found is causing quite a stir, and a bit of concern over the Rover's spotty memory as of late. The latest discovery by these enthusiasts looks suspiciously like a coffin resting on Mars surface.
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