Transmitting Information At The Speed Of Light, Almost

University of Utah engineers have taken a big step toward computing at the speed of light. Their research will help create the next generation of computers and mobile devices-devices that will be capable of speeds millions of times faster than machines are now.

The True Story of the Dress That Divided The World

You probably caught a glimpse of it on your Facebook news feed at least once if not several times over the last few days. Here's how it worked: First, you look at the image and then determine what color the dress is. Is it white? Is it blue?
A close-up of a boulder nicknamed

ESA Rosetta Spacecraft Is Showing Off Its ‘Cheops’

While Rosetta mission team members are preparing to touch down on the surface for a more up-close view of the comet, Rosetta’s Optical, Spectroscopic and Infrared Remote Imaging System (OSIRIS) is taking a look at the surface from afar. And in the newest batch of images sent back Monday morning, researchers have revealed a large pyramid-shaped boulder standing 82-feet-tall near the intended landing site for Rosetta’s Philae rover.
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