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First Successful Penis Transplant Raises Questions around South African Circumcision Ceremonies

While a South African patient’s identity is being protected for ethical reasons, according to Tygerberg Hospital, news of his successful procedure and sexual history are making headlines nonetheless. Fully recovered from a nine-hour operation that occurred on Dec. 11, 2014, the young man whose name is not being disclosed at this time, marks a great achievement in that doctors were the first to successfully complete a penile transplant operation in his case.
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First Newborn Transplant Proves Successful in UK: What Were the Risks?

Doctors at a hospital in London successfully transplanted the organs of an infant donor to two newborns that were in need late last year. The transplant marks the first time such a procedure has been done in the United Kingdom, although they have been performed in the United States, Germany, and Australia.
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