The immune system can fight against infections and wounds in the human body.

New Defense Against Bacteria Found

Researchers find that we do not need to kill bacteria, but merely "gather" them, so that the body's natural resistance system can fight diseases.

Could A Life-Saving Blood Transfusion Leave You With Allergies Instead?

While you might think that a blood transfusion may save your life in a serious situation, there may be a few added drawbacks to the life-saving procedure. One of these drawbacks, in fact, can be the development of new allergic reactions to things that never bothered you before. In a new study published this week Canadian doctors revealed that a young 8-year-old boy went into anaphylactic shock from uncommon allergens, merely days after a platelet transfusion. And they fear now that it had everything to do with the platelet donor, whose severe food allergies had not been taken into account before the transfusion took place.
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