Can People Die Due to Dementia?

Is Dementia Fatal?

Dementia is a common neurodegenerative disorder that occurs in older people. It affects the memory, and over time the person can no longer function properly. But can people die from dementia?
Closed Buildings Due to Lockdown May be At Risk of Legionella Bacteria

CDC Warns Building Owners of Bacterial Growth in Water Systems

Legionella bacteria thrives in stagnant water systems and can cause a severe form of pneumonia. The CDC has several guidelines for buildings that have reopened or will be reopening, reminding the importance of checking water systems for waterborne pathogens.
Pulse oximeter

"Silent" Hypoxia is Bringing COVID-19 Patients Closer to Death

Coronavirus Disease (COVID) pneumonia causes silent hypoxia, lowering the oxygen levels in a patient's tissues. Unlike acute hypoxia, silent hypoxia doesn't make anyone feel sick until it hits. When it does, it's too late, unless a pulse oximeter monitors oxygenation levels.
A Stroke Recovery Robotic Activity for the Patient

Stroke Recovery Improvements, Immune Therapeutic Points Discovered

After Scientists and researchers found out how the antibody generating marginalized zone B cells are decreased by the noradrenaline cells, the study confirms the cause of infections of stroke recovery patients is the insufficient B cells that are left during an episode of a stroke.
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