post-traumatic stress disorder

Frequent Nightmares Are Associated With Cardiovascular Health

Nightmares May Be an Indication of Your Health Condition

Research indicates that frequent nightmares may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Nightmares are also associated with mental health conditions as medical experts hope to develop a treatment to help improve health.
cyberbullying ptsd

Cyberbullies are Victims of PTSD Too, UK Study Claims

Researchers have found that people who engage in cyberbullying are victims themselves of PTSD. The study of more than 2,200 teens in London also found that cyberbullies are not likely to engage in traditional bullying. Click the link above to learn more.

Helping Yourself: How To Deal With PTSD

Little did we know that another best remedy for PTSD is to forgive those who have hurt us and acceptance for all the painful experiences we've been through?
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