George Floyd protest second wave coronavirus

Fears Over Coronavirus Second Wave Spark Following George Floyd Protests

US health officials are now worried that protests following the George Floyd case might spark a second wave of the coronavirus. After reports of positive cases increasing in areas where protests have been held, officials urge people to be responsible protesters, especially during the pandemic.

Can Science and Culture Coexist on Mauna Kea? Dozen ‘Protector’ Protestors Arrested This Week for Obstruction

With the construction of the $1.4 billion dollar endeavor of the Thirty Meter Telescope beginning this week, news arrives from the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii, as a dozen protestors were arrested for obstructing construction crews on their way to the summit. Astronomers anticipating the Thirty Meter Telescope believe that the largest telescope ever built will give us new insights never-before-seen into space, however, locals in Hawaii are not convinced that the $1.4 billion investment is worth compromising their lands.
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