Mysterious Seed Packets May Be Part of an International 'Brushing' Scam

Amazon Bans Online Selling of Foreign Plants & Seeds

Seed packets have been mailed to people around the world via Amazon deliveries, causing the company to update its online selling policies. The seeds were not ordered by anyone and have inauthentic post markings from China.
GoPro Cause: Forever Securing World Food Supply with Crop Trust

Doomsda: The Largest Seed Vault In The World Is Loaded With 50,000 Seeds

after a decade of opening the largest seed vault in the World again deposited with 50,000 seed samples. Most of the seeds were collected from Lebanon, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus and the UK. Syria becomes the first country to withdraw seeds from that Gene bank.
CubeSat Box

NASA Plans Life and Death on Mars—Planet’s First ‘Mars Plant Experiment’ to be Launched in 2020

In hopes of a long future on the Red Planet, researchers have proposed the addition of a horticultural experiment onboard NASA’s next Mars rover mission, scheduled to land in 2021. The proposed project, known simply as the “Mars Plant Experiment” (MPX) would not only aid in the understanding of plant growth on foreign planets, but also would lay the foundations for future colonies currently planning on settling in on Mars.
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