Study Identified a Great Way to Know How Much Water Snowpacks Hold

Study Identified a Great Way to Know How Much Water Snowpacks Hold

With the use of a database of snow pillow measurements, the team was able to validate the model, a snow pillow measures snow-water equivalents through the pressure they exerted by the snow on top of it, and also as a pair of large independent data sets, one from western North America, the other from the northeastern United States
Elusive Snow Leopard Of The Himalayas - Planet Earth II

Scientists Discovered Three New Sub-Species Of Snow Leopard

The new members added to the family of Panthera uncia or snow leopard. It's been thought that the species is monotypic, but the recent study on snow leopard from different habitat reveal the existence of three different sub-species.
Winter Arctic Ice

Arctic Winter Ice Reaches All Time Low

While much of the northeastern and central United States froze to death this snowy winter, the cold chill didn't extend to the north as scientists have discovered that the winter ice levels are at record lows.
Vehicles cruise under light snowfall on Nov. 26, 2014 in Newark, NJ.

Wintry Weather Brings Delays for Travelers Heading Home for Turkey Day

If you were expecting your relatives to arrive this morning on the Red-Eye, you may have been disappointed to hear that just like your relatives, you’ll likely be stuck at the airport most of this Turkey Day. As it happens, winter has set in this Thanksgiving, and while it’s a bit early for snow and storms of this magnitude, America has seen hundreds of delays today when airports are at their peaks.
Scott's Terra Nova Expedition

The Story Behind 100-Year-Old Journal Found In Antarctica

In Antarctica, much of life and history is swept away or covered completely by ice and snow. Even in the face of unending change, the surface appears timeless and constant, even though it sets the stage for some of the most tragic stories south of the equator.
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