Delayed Rocket to Depart for ISS Tonight: Lift-Off and Live Stream Info

Antares Rocket Launches on East Coast Tonight: Viewing and Live Stream Info

The launch of the Antares rocket carrying supplies and scientific equipment to the International Space Station was rescheduled from Monday evening to Tuesday evening due to a wayward sailboat entered the restricted zone underneath the rocket's flight path. The launch is now scheduled to 6:22 p.m. ET on Tuesday night.
Video: X-37B Space Plane Land After 2 Years in Orbit

Video: X-37B Space Plane Lands After 2 Years in Orbit

The U.S. Air Force's mysterious X-37B space plane landed this week after a record of nearly two years in orbit, yet government officials still haven't commented as to the nature of its mission. The 'orbital test vehicle' is the third such OTV mission, and orbited the Earth for 674 days.
Mars One Astronaut Base

Deserting Earth for a Chance in Space—Martian Pilgrims look to Mars for a New Permanent Adventure

For most, space exploration has been a fascination since adolescence; series like Star War and Star Trek, romanticizing the concept of far off planets and uninhabitable lands, filled with vast expanses of the darkness of space. Letting dreams take you beyond the clouds, aspirations of a career as an astronaut seem closer than before, but what about those who cannot make it through the rigorous process of entering NASA’s elite profession? Turns out you can buy your way off this planet; but there is still catch—you can’t come back.
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