Steve Jobs


Could Steve Jobs Still Be Alive?

The internet has gone crazy over the weekend sharing pictures of a man that looked a lot like Steve Jobs all the way from Egypt.
Steve Jobs once thought of creating a car for Apple after released of the first iPhone

Steve Jobs Once Thought Of Creating An 'iCar'

Apple's senior vice president Tony Fadell admittedly recalls talking with Apple co-founder Steve Job about the possibility of investing in much bigger gadgets such as a car after the release of iPhone in 2008.
Steve Jobs

How Steve Jobs Still Defends Apple, Even From His Grave

In what’s turning out to be the class-action lawsuit of the decade, plaintiffs are suing technology power-house Apple Inc., calling into question their unnecessary software updates that they claim kept iPod prices artificially high and kept competitors off electronics shelves. But it’s not the circumstances of the case, nor the claims of the plaintiffs that make this particular lawsuit of any interest. It’s whom the defense will call to the stand.
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