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Revealed: Why Some Chickens Have Stripes In Their Feathers

Scientists found how mutations are associated with the sex-linked barring pattern on the feather of some chicken breeds. Coucou de Rennes, which is one of the most popular french breeds has two different types of mutations.
Zebras in Mikumi

How Zebras Got Their Stripes & Why Climate Change is Likely to Blame

While they're not alone in the vast wonders of Africa's abundant plains, zebras in particular have posed quite a quandary to scientists in past decades. Their unique striping of black and white have always sparked interest in their study, but the ever failing hypotheses quickly discouraged the discovery of their significance-if any at all. But while many researchers have failed in associating the stripes with social order of a herd or even as camouflaging tactics in the wild, a new study published this month in the journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers have discovered that the stripes are much more like a tan than we think.
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