Daily Life In Los Angeles Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By the Numbers: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on American Mental Health

As September ends, there have been more than 33 million recorded cases of COVID-19, with more than seven million of them coming from the United States alone. Aside from the setback experienced by the American people in terms of livelihood, healthcare, and education, the coronavirus pandemic has also severely affected the mental health of Americans.

Is the Coronavirus Lockdown to Blame for 15-year Old Boy’s Suicide?

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, many of us are now stuck at home. Is it taking a toll on your mental health? The lockdown has recently been linked to a few cases of suicide. Click to find out how a 15-year old boy was found dead at his home in South Wales 5 days after UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson enforced the lockdown.
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