Science Times - New Study Shows Link Between Sweat, Bleach and Gym Air Quality

Link Between Sweat, Bleach and Gym Air Quality

A new study from the University of Colorado Boulder recently found that one sweaty, gasping exercising individual emits as many chemicals from his body as up to five inactive individuals.
Science Times - COVID-19 Sniffer Dogs Trained At Maison D'Alfort Veterinary School

Can Dogs Really Smell COVID-19?

Dog trainers claim extraordinary outcomes-in some circumstances, they claim dogs can identify the COVID-19 'with an almost perfect accuracy.'

How Do You Spread Happiness? Work Up a Sweat.

Are you feeling happy and you want to spread that feeling to family, friends, and maybe even strangers? Well then you may want to go grab a good workout first. A new study has found that the smell of sweat can actually help spread happiness.
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