How to Make Teeth Whiter Instantly

How to Make Teeth Whiter Instantly

There are many teeth whitening products sold in the US, but most of them use chemicals to bleach the teeth. But here are some tips that can be done at home without using those harsh chemicals.
Mother and son brushing their teeth

Brush Your Teeth Often to Lower Risk of Diabetes

Brushing the teeth thrice a day or even more is associated with an eight percent lower risk of acquiring diabetes, while the dental disease's presence is linked to a nine-percent increased risk, not to mention, many teeth (of about 15 or even more) missing, is linked to more than 20 percent increased risk.
Dental procedure

A New Dental Procedure Could Eliminate Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a concern that most people will face at some point in their life, and according to studies, by age 74-26 percent of adults will have lost all of their permanent teeth. Dentures are sufficient, but they're uncomfortable and dental implants can fail and have no ability to "remodel" as the surrounding jaw bone changes with age.
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