‘Green Revolution’ in RNAi Tools and Therapeutics

‘Green Revolution’ in RNAi Tools and Therapeutics

This work does not only offer an affordable treatment strategy for chronic hepatitis B patients in developing countries but also reduces the required dose of RNAi drugs to minimize the potential side effects of RNAi therapy and allow the administration for a relatively long period or in conjunction with other antiviral drugs
Stem Cell Therapy & Wound Healing - Dr. Kevin Berkowitz

Stem Cell Dynamic Therapy Could Heal Wounds

Université libre de Bruxelles(ULB) scientists found stem cell dynamics can contribute to wound healing. when skin gets a hurt then body activates cellular and molecular event to repair the damage.
Estrogen Therapy

Estrogen Therapy Can Help Women Overcome Menopausal Issues and Body Changes

At the age of 51, most women experience severe menopausal symptoms that often lasts for two to three years. If women would take low-dose treatment of the estrogen therapy, they will get the benefits thru limiting the increased risks of heart disease and breast cancer for up to five years.
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