Whale Watching Season Underway In Sydney

5 Strange Sounds No One Can Still Explain

Some of history's mysterious sounds have been solved, as the case with the infamous "Bloop" of the 90s, now known to be caused by Antarctic ice cracking and falling into the ocean, picked up a distance away. Here are four of the strange sounds picked up and no one can still explain.

Ringing Ears from Tinnitus Results in Extensive Brain Activity

Have you ever dealt with that constant ringing in your ears that just won’t seem to go away? You are not alone, according to researchers one in every five people is affected with the problem. The medical condition, known as Tinnitus, causes patients to hear a constant ringing in their ears. However, researchers have now discovered that tinnitus varies greatly from person to person and in some cases the ringing may not actually be there at all.
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