Tear Study Can Help With Conservation of Species

Animal Tears Give Clues to Conservation & Eye Treatment

Animal tears are found to be very similar to human tears, with a few biological differences depending on the environment. Researchers hope to develop better eye treatments as well as find ways to help conserve several bird and reptile species.
Rare Myanmar Turtles Bred in Captivity Released into the Wild

Endangered 44 Turtle Eggs Species Has Been Recovered In Myanmar

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)/Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) rescued 44 fertile eggs of Burmese roofed turtle from the nesting site of Chindwin River in Myanmar. The species is classified as the endangered species by WCS and there are only five females left in the wild.
Leatherback Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles Reveal A Sixth Sense—Finding Their Way Home & Sensing The Seasons

As a migratory species, Leatherback Sea Turtles (Dermochely coriacea) are a rare oddity of nature that spend their lives mostly in travel, between their breeding grounds in open ocean and their tropical places of birth. Travelling back and forth between the tropics and their hunting grounds to the north, the unique species follows the cool waters, as they flow throughout the oceans they inhabit. But that doesn't even begin to unravel their mysterious origins or how they know to traverse the seas.
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