Black Silicon

New Photodetector Exceeds 100% Efficiency

A team from Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, has created a black silicon photodetector that has exceeded 100%—the first to surpass what was thought to be the theoretical limit for external quantum efficiency.

Tanning Salons Sued by New York Over Cancer Risk

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit against two tanning salon franchises - Portafino Spas, LLC and Total Tan, Inc., saying there is "nothing safe about indoor tanning." He has also served notice that intends to sue Beach Bum Tanning Salons and Planet Fitness as well. Together, the four franchises operate 155 tanning salons around the state.

Bringing Ancient White Seashells Back to Colorful Life

Searching through museum archives can often be quite a lifeless task, especially when you’re sorting through tons of tons of samples of faded white seashells that went extinct millions of years ago. But with a little bit of ingenuity, and whole heap of incentive, some researchers with San Jose State University are bringing life back to these ancient species and giving us a technicolor look as what the seas may have been like 6.6 million years ago.

NASA Orbiter Detects Ultraviolet Auroras on Mars

It's only been a day since skywatchers around the world were treated to a particularly energetic display of auroras because of an intense geomagnetic storm, but researchers have announced that NASA's MAVEN mission has observed auroras on Mars as well, only they are in energetic ultraviolet wavelengths instead of visible light.
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