Ceres Bright Spots

Dawn Delivers Images of Ceres' Bright Spots

The two bright spots on Ceres that have fascinated scientists and amateur astronomers around the world for months now are back in view in the latest images of the dwarf planet.
Ceres View from Dawn

Will Dawn Find Life on Ceres? What NASA Has to Say About Possible Life on the Dwarf Planet

Releasing the sharpest set of images from within the asteroid belt to date, this week NASA researchers have filled the internet with their hopes for what may lie on the dwarf planet Ceres. Only a month before NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will enter orbit around the 590-mile-wide dwarf, found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the space agency is hopeful that their mission will reveal a lot more about the small planet and the secrets its surface may hold.

Evidence of Water Flows Found on Vesta

NASA has revealed that new data from the Dawn spacecraft indicates that there may have once been short-lived water flows on the second largest body in the asteroid belt, known to us as Vesta.
White Spot on Ceres

NASA Scientists Mystified by White Spot on Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft continues its approach to the dwarf planet Ceres for its planned mission. During this approach it has already snapped several images of this small planet located in the asteroid belt. And what these pictures have revealed has mystified scientists at NASA for weeks.
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