Minecraft Can Help Boost Creativity

Minecraft Can Help Boost Creativity

The researchers say even first-person shooter games can potentially inspire creativity as players think about strategy and look for advantages in combat
Images of Mercury from Messenger

A Fond Farewell to NASA’s MESSENGER

More than 10 years ago NASA launched it’s MESSENGER spacecraft with a one-year long orbit mission in mind. But over the course of its 4.9 billion-mile-journey NASA came to find that the decade-long mission would exceed expectations far past their mark.

VIDEO—The LEAP Trial and How Researchers Revealed No Threat in Allergens

Ever wonder what’s best: to feed your baby peanut butter or not, for fear of a deadly allergic reaction? Well while past guidelines suggested that parents steer clear of most allergens until an older age, a new study published this week in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that avoidance may no longer be the best method. In fact, the study researchers suggest that early exposure may even prevent your children from developing the allergy altogether.
Titan Submersible

VIDEO—How Antiquated Technology May Reveal the Secrets of Titan’s Seas

Beneath the glaring surface and choppy waves, many secrets are hidden here in the oceans of Earth. The vast depths hide species unknown to men, lost treasures at the seafloor and perhaps even a cryptid or two. And while terrestrial studies of planets may have been interesting in the 20th century, space agencies are looking to aquatic surveys which may one day reveal the origins of life even farther out in space.
Moon Phases

What Lies On the 'Dark Side' of the Moon?

The recent full moon isn’t the only lunar news to come out of the woodworks this week. It appears that its hidden face is also making headlines here on Earth too. Though historically shrouded in mystery, even with NASA astronauts and other space agencies touching down on the surface of the moon, it appears that researchers are now able to reveal what lies on the “dark side” of the moon thanks to five years of mapping data collected courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
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